Volume 2, Issue 3, 2017 – Journal #4

Dime Show Review, Volume 2, Issue 3, 2017 – Journal #4 is available on Amazon.com in the US and Europe. You can also order it through your local bookstore or library.

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Toby Wallis - A Stranger in Your World
Janette Schafer - Breath
Carsten Smith-Hall - Homo arboretum
J. Mari - irretrievable
Alyssa D. Ross - Let's Order the Crème Brûlée
Robert Crisp - Misadventure
Andrew Szilvasy - Photorealism
Brian Ellis - Anniversary
Ann Howells - Vincent Speaks of Theo
Horia Alexandru Pop - The Bottle is Cracked

Glen Sorestad - Blue Crabs
Chris Blocker - Chasing Makara
Michael Anthony - Cousin Max
Emily Fox - Forgotten
Sharon H. Smith - Hawk
Tristan Durst - The Herbalist
Scott Summers - The Place Where the Trees Sing
Justin Herrmann - Pastime 
Jeffrey Zable - Witness

Daniel Fraser - Traces
Nancy Jo Allen - Planting Poppies
Denise Kline - Reverie
Ken Meisel - 1972 Ford LTD Brougham (a Tomb)
Peter J. Stavros - All Those Devils
Priscila Santa Rosa - Death in the Kitchen
Peycho Kanev - Memory of Things
Rich Furman - The New Bed
Kelly Simmons - Scipio
Kevin White - Go Away, Please
Laura Eppinger - The Cost of Light
Sherri Harvey - Her Gold Old Gringos
Damyanti Biswas - Words are the Enemy
Yuan Chanming - Snowlining

Suzanne Samples - Atmospheric Escape
Diana Rosen - Bus Stop Story
Dennis Goza - Diggin' to China
Jennifer O'Neill Pickering - Gone Missing
Keith Welch - On Viewing a Map of U.S. Lynchings 1877 to 1950
J. Ray Paradiso - What Town? What City?
Tim Kenny - This is Not a Fairy Tale
Hannah Provost - Private Disasters

Maya Alexandri - Ann Noni Mini
Will Cordeiro - A Married Man
Whitney Davis - Geneva
Catherine Fahey - Inishmore
Colin Thornton - Monkville
Katja Kaine - My First Queen
Jeanne Mack - Purpose
Mirielle Clifford - Sunday Candy
Gregory Janetka - The Gunslinger
Audrey Wick - Blood Makes Blind
John Hearn - The Powerline
Jennifer Lee - What I Can't Understand
Devin R. Larsen - Fresh Fruit

Terry Allen - How to Skin a Bullhead
Jimmy Pappas - I Buried You on a Bright Red Tricycle
Susan L. Leary - In Utero
Jeanette Perosa - Motel Magic
Dallas Alexander - Haunt
Isobel Cunningham - No Weddings in Ramadan
Connie Woodring - On the Death of My Parents
Bethany Eckert - She Isn't the Verse
Sandra Arnold - Tell No Lies
Vipra Ghimire - Touch for the Heart
William Soldan - Training
Glen Donaldson - Unearthed

Eliza Bevilacqua - Mister Prolix
Mathew Serback - How I Imagined You After You Broke Into My Car
Rachel Joseph - Dorothy's Window
Sheree Shatsky - Guetapens
Michael Grant Smith - My Best Day
Wm. Brett Hill - Red Did It
Mike Murphy - Small Packages
Susan Knox - Substantial Designs
Fernando Meisenhalter - Weed Genie
Darrell Petska - Wine

Ron Riekki - The Helicopter on Fire
Christine Hamm - Backstroke
Karen Shepherd - Brief Candles
Esther Rohm - Drowning by Proxy
Elaine Zentner - Forever Wild
Frank Scozzari - The History of Dancing
Jared Silvia - Infestation
Patrick Cooper - It's a Process


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