The Hoochie Coochie by Nan Wigington

Ecole stole her diamond bra, but Madge still hoochie coochied.

The piecNan_Wigington-hoochie_coochiee is dedicated to Omene, one of America’s first practitioners of the danse du ventre or belly dancing. Omene’s life was fraught with scandal. Her husband or business partner or just plain lover, Yank-Hoe (aka, Ercole Castignonie), stole her costumes so she wouldn’t leave him. Omene (aka, Madge Hargreaves or Nadine Osborne) had the man arrested and continued dancing.

The story was typed on a Royal that once belonged to CU Professor Forrest Williams. It came my way via my good friend Linda Bevard.

Nan Wigington’s recent flash fiction has appeared in Gravel magazine and The Airgonaut. She has pieces forthcoming in and No Extra Words.



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