Silence May Speak by Angela Steiert

Bounty lives in the marriage
of what is said and unsaid
shined on fragrant darkness

Pain held in a womb soft
with strength to contain
the longing of the cherished

In the bower of choice
we were borne in welcome
in your arms of loveliness

The pull of Luna Rossa’s
knowingness risen forth
to collide in the cataclysm

In a deluge of possibilities
the crevices of our loneliness
filled with expectations

For home and want hoping
to cope with peace riddled
with the weight of grace

What does your silence say?
In the face of sufficient pain
surrender is joy’s shadow

# # #

Angela Steiert is a High School teacher in Portland, Oregon. Living in the green oasis of the Northwest she seeks to find time for immersion in nature, silence and writing.

Photo credit: Andrew Kehoe, Retrograde Collective


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