Shadow Boxing by Susan C. Ingram


You think you know/You don’t know
My life
A box full of boxes
Some of the boxes have little presents
Bright little pleasants
I let their light shine
For a time
Then close the lid/Wrap them up
Tie the ribbon
I open
And a shadow thing escapes
That I can’t catch/Trap/Put back in the box/Close the lid
The shadow is too big for the box
Too big
To hide

# # #

A former film-industry camera assistant, then news reporter and editor, Susan C. Ingram is now an editorial manager at a well-known wine journal. Stories from her novel, “The Troubled Times,” have been honored as Glimmer Train finalists and a piece from my memoir “Film/Addict,” was a Glimmer Train Top 25. Published in Dime Show Review, Sick Lit, Jersey Devil Press and Seltzerzine, she holds an MA in Fiction from Johns Hopkins University, and lives in the Baltimore suburbs. Read more here:


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