Downward Dog Death by Phillip Wenturine

img_3729Phillip Wenturine is a middle school English teacher, where his job description is to change the world, but the reality is fighting the endless struggle to end comma splices. He has published other essays in Aurora magazine, The Talon Review, Intrinsick Magazine, and Potluck Magazine. He completed his MFA from Eastern Kentucky University where he attended residencies in Lisbon, Portugal, and he just received a Fulbright Scholarship to go back and teach. Phillip enjoys traveling to foreign countries, consuming a large goblet of sangria on the weekends, and the color orange makes him smile. Read more on




This ten word story was typed on an Olivetti-Underwood, Lettera 22, manual typewriter, made in Italy c. 1961.  Let’s call him Lorenzo.

Photo credit: Kae Sable



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