2016 Volume 1, Issue 1

Live! Dime Show Review, Volume 1, Issue 1 is a curated collection of poetry and fiction that draws from accepted works in the online menagerie. The print copy is available Amazon.com and Amazon Europe. If you have Amazon Prime – shipping is free. If you don’t have Prime, use the CreateSpace link below to save $2 – it’s not a king’s ransom, but will save you a bit on shipping.

Check it out: Dime Show Review, Volume 1, Issue 1 2016  (Amazon.com)

Things are getting exciting around here!

There’s nothing quite like having pages in your hand, is there? A companion for your bedside table, pages to ruffle, you’ll be inspired to write and write.  Comfort, tradition – your work in print.

For readers beyond the reach of Amazon US or EU, you can still get a copy via the CreateSpace eStore: https://www.createspace.com/6633458  Here is a coupon code SK4WV5TW to save $2. Orders outside the US and Europe should expect a shipping timeframe of 27-31 business days. Shipping for the US and EU are closer to 3-7 days. US and EU customers who do not have Prime can use this Create Space coupon code, too. (Amazon Prime is the most economical method, tho).


Rebecca Adair
Sudeep Adhikari
Ed Ahern
Thomas Allbaugh
Glen Armstrong
Prerna Bakshi
Terry Barr
Jack Becker
Paul Beckman
Lana Bella
David E.J. Berger
Clementine Black
Dawn Blanchfield
Katarina Boudreaux
Todd Boyd
Raymond Burt
Ray Busler
Julianne Carlile
Wendy Taylor Carlisle
C.M. Chapman
Wanda Morrow Clevenger
Alex Creece
Robert Crisp
Bryan Crumpley
Gareth Culshaw
Howard Richard Debs
Lenny DellaRocca
Darren C. Demaree
Catherine Hotaling-Donnelly
William Doreski
John Dorroh
Devon Miller-Duggan
Alice Farrel
Robert Morgan Fisher
Frederick K. Foote, Jr.
William Goldstein
Neha Goyal
Daniel Green
John Grey
Kenneth P. Gurney
Julie Howard
Susan C. Ingram
Seth Jani
Marilyn June Janson
Andrew Kehoe
Sarah Key
Tricia Knoll
Grove Koger
Lebohang Kuenane
Len Kuntz
Claire Lawrence
Mike Lee
Clyde Liffey
Rebecca Long
Marjorie Maddox
Donal Mahoney
Carolyn Martin
Jayne Martin
Jenean McBrearty
Joan McNerney
Corey Mesler
Joseph Victor Milford
Mark J. Mitchell
Tom Montag
Ben Nardolilli
Eunice Barbara C. Novio
Scott Thomas Outlar
Jeffrey Park
Ania Payne
Diane Payne
Richard King Perkins II
Perry L. Powell
Katie Quarles
Diana Raab, Ph.D.
Jack Ratliff
Niles Reddick
Bobby Riahi
Jean Robinson
Natalie Rodriguez
Esther Rohm
Mark Antony Rossi
Miriam Sagan
Sanjeev Sethi
Daniel Soule
John L. Stanizzi
Stephen Straub
Larry D. Thacker
Bill Vernon
Chuck Von Nordheim
James Wade
Brian Ward
Patricia Wentzel
M. Drew Williams
Karen Wolf
Thomas Zimmerman
Catherine Zickgraf

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