Aftermath of Our Missed Goodbye by Laurie Kolp
At this point, the cell phone tower
should be waving power through the air
       all the connections
       trying to reconnect
       after the hurricane’s disconnection
but I still can’t reach you.
Outside, trees and buildings are slaughtered
city streets overcome with sudden debris
       the devastation, our final argument
       when I stormed out
       without saying

# # #

Laurie Kolp is the author of Upon the Blue Couch (Winter Goose Publishing, 2014) and Hello, It’s Your Mother (Finishing Line Press, 2015). Her recent publications include concis, By&By Poetry, Bracken, Up the Staircase Quarterly, Front Porch Journal, and more. Laurie lives in Southeast Texas with her husband, three children and two dogs.


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